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  • There's a Fundamental Flaw in the NHL's Standings

    Beginning with the introduction of the OTL result in 1999/00, the accurate correlation between NHL Points and winning percentage was undone. No longer would the Points also be an accurate reflection of the teams’ winning percentages. The most serious problem with the current format is that...

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  • The NHL Leadership Continues to Turn their Backs on Hockey Fans

    CH. 2- Expansion, Relocation, & Lockouts- a Summary of Bettman's Tenure

    A summary of the most notable occurrences that have happened under the watch of Gary Bettman and his administration during his run as commissioner, which began in February 1993. Analyzing each expansion & relocation. Touching on the 3 player-lockouts the NHL owners have carried out during this era.

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  • The Enchanting and Forgotten History of the San Jose Sharks

    CH. 4: Examining the Connections between the Seals & Sharks

    The most direct tie to the Seals Franchise was the modern Sharks AHL affiliate-team from 2001-2006. The Gund brothers purchased the Kentucky Thoroughblades, and relocated them to Cleveland; where the AHL team would adopt the former NHL team's name- the Barons; and play at Gund Arena, which...

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  • TCS Research: The Forgotten Year that Shaped the NHL

    Detailing the major events of 1926 which played a pivotal role in the formation of the modern-day NHL, and demonstrating why hockey fans ought to consider what happened prior to the 1926/27 season in a separate category from all that occurred from that point onwards. ..

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  • Baseball's Sibling Rivalry

    Both the Dodgers and Giants were located in New York City from the mid-1880’s through 1957. Amazingly, both teams relocated to California in the same year, for the 1958 season. Remarkably, the Mets are actually the best example of the connection between the Giants and Dodgers. Born to replace the..

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