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  • Part 2: The Fascinating History of the NFL in California

    It’s my opinion that the Raiders move back to Oakland in 1995 is arguably the most audacious relocation in sports history. It occurred only a few months after the Rams had announced they were leaving for St. Louis- a move that came mostly due to the Raiders driving them out of Los Angeles. Continue reading →

  • Part 1: The Fascinating History of the NFL in California

    Despite a ton of analysis regarding the California-based NFL franchises, mainstream discussion has often missed some of the most interesting talking points. Over this two part article I will summarize the franchise movements and relocations involving Cali-based teams since 1980. Continue reading →

  • NFL Week 12: The Most Notable Happenings

    Review and commentary on the most notable occurrences during the NFL's Week 12. Covering the Lions unprecedented season, the controversial play at the end of the Ravens/ Bengals game, Saints running up the score on the Rams and why, and the amazing Sunday Night Game with lots of talking points. Continue reading →

  • The Forgotten Year that Forever Shaped the NHL

    Detailing the major events of 1926 which played a pivotal role in the formation of the modern-day NHL, and demonstrating why hockey fans ought to consider what happened prior to the 1926/27 season in a separate category from all that occurred from that point onwards. .. Continue reading →

  • Fresh Faces: Baseball's Final Five Contenders

    Fans are left with some of Major Leagues Baseball’s ‘loveable losers’ in the final five teams, and now guaranteed that a few fanbases will see a World Series appearance by their team for the first time in a long time. Of the 5 teams remaining, the Indians were the last to appear in the World... Continue reading →

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