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  • Baseball's Sibling Rivalry

    Both the Dodgers and Giants were located in New York City from the mid-1880’s through 1957. Amazingly, both teams relocated to California in the same year, for the 1958 season. Remarkably, the Mets are actually the best example of the connection between the Giants and Dodgers. Born to replace the.. Continue reading →

  • TCS Research: Pennant Races in Baseball

    In order to quantify MLB's franchise-seasons accurately during most of its history, I needed to quantify what it meant for teams to be involved in late-season Pennant Races. Prior to 1994, playing meaningful games in September, is the historical equivalent to a modern-day playoff qualification... Continue reading →

  • TCS Research: Defining Sport Cities and Sport Markets

    A necessity for one of TCS’ most important planned contributions to the sports community requires that I become a geographical expert on North America’s populous regions. This is essential so that I can fully understand and define Sport Markets, and how fanbases think about their teams.... Continue reading →

  • L.A. Football History- Part 3: The Raiders leave a Black Hole in Los Angeles

    Unthinkably, only a few months after the Rams had relocated to St. Louis, Al Davis reached an agreement with the Alameda County Board to return the Raiders to Oakland. Had the Rams known that Raiders would be leaving L.A., the move to St. Louis likely would not have happened.... Continue reading →

  • L.A. Football History- Part 2: The Raiders invade Los Angeles

    When the move by the Raiders was blocked by the NFL and NFL owners, The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the League, in which the Raiders were a participant. At the same time, the Oakland Raiders filed their own anti-trust lawsuit. The NFL was facing 2 major.... Continue reading →

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